Powerful Inventory Management

Detail module to manage Customers, Suppliers or both. Make Groups, record contact details. View customer and supplier transactional histories, along with the average time to pay and Ageing.Generate PDF, CSV files and send statement to customers & suppliers instantly.

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This is the backbone of the whole system. All the entries made will update the accounts automatically.
The main features will include the following:

  • Complete Product Details.
  • Product Reorder & MIN/MAX , Reorder Alerts.
  • Item Transactions & Detail Activity.
  • Goods Receipt & Issue Notes
  • Product Transfer from warehouse to warehouse.
  • Product Transfer between Branches.
  • Product Types, Groups, Warehouses Details.
  • Product Tax Details.
  • Bar Code Printing
  • Opening Balance of the Product by branch & warehouses
  • Integration with Accounts on bases of individual Item, group, warehouse
  • Product Cost is automatically calculated using purchase value on Average Method.
  • Product sale price definition and price levels.
  • Product Instock, Order, Committed & Available Statuses.
  • Product Quantity bought/sold/returned.
  • Warehouse wise Stock.
  • Stock Valuation by Item, Group, Warehouse & Branch.
  • Product profit period wise.
  • Dashboard & Graphical Analysis.
  • Powerful Integration with Accounting Module.
  • Inventories Alerts.
  • Print, Email and Convert into PDF; all the reports.
  • Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format.
  • Generate Reports on periodic and financial years basis.
  • Email documents directly to customers/suppliers & users.
  • Multi user access with different privileges.
  • Generate item ledgers, detailed enquiries with drill down reports.
  • Filter reports by Item, Types, Groups, Warehouse, Dimensions/Cost Centers, Branches & Projects.