Control Orders & Purchases Timely

Detail Purchase System. Make orders, receive goods and record purchase invoices & returns easily. Single form entry to record purchases, update inventories, item costing, taxation and accounting vouchers. Generate PDF, CSV files and send statement to suppliers instantly.

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This module records all the activities relating to Purchases. These can be regular purchases (from local markets) or Imports. Both types of purchases are kept separately with its own details that may be tracked independently.
The main features of the module are as follows:

  • Purchase Bill & Goods Receive Note.
  • Services Purchase Invoice.
  • Purchase Return Invoice.
  • Automatic stock updating.
  • Entry of Supplier price lists.
  • Prepare Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from Suppliers
  • Automatic Supplier Balance Updating.
  • Auto Taxation & Accounting voucher.
  • Purchase Costing.
  • Posting/Un-post of Invoices.
  • Customize Purchase invoice.
  • Dashboard & Graphical Analysis.
  • Integration with business partners, inventories and financial modules.
  • Print, Email and Convert into PDF; all the reports.
  • Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format.
  • Generate reports on periodic and financial years basis.
  • Email documents directly to customers
  • Multi user access with different privileges.
  • Generate ledger accounts detailed enquiries with drill down reports.
  • Filter purchase bill &  reports by Dimensions/Cost Centers, Branches & Projects.